The Brooklands Members' primary aim is to support Brooklands Museum by subscriptions and fundraising. An important part of that work is reaching out into the community to help spread the word about Brooklands and to encourage people to visit and hopefully join up as members themselves.

At Home

You will find us at most large Brooklands Museum events with a stand in the Paddock - there, you can find out about the history of Brooklands from our displays and chat with the Outreach Team members about  Brooklands and the membership. 


We aim to visit local shows with our Brooklands display to encourage more visitors to Brooklands.

We will also encourage membership by explaining the advantages of various levels of joining Brooklands Outreach. We would very much like to have more help, so if you would like to join Brooklands Outreach, please let your interest be known to one of our colleagues. 

By joining, you would be helping to raise funds for Brooklands and have a lot of fun as well.

For more information, please contact David at or 07496501157


Join the Outreach Team

You may like to help out on the stand or by bringing your classic to one of the shows.

To become part of the Outreach Team, you need to be a Member who is outgoing with a good knowledge of Brooklands as you will be talking to the public about the Museum and Membership with a willingness to travel to shows away from Brooklands at weekends.

If you have a classic vehicle that you would like to display, please contact us.