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    Secrets of the Transport Museum

    Episode Guide

Discover what's coming up in each episode of the second UKTV series of Secrets of the Transport Museum, narrated by Sanjeev Bhaskar. The 10 part series follows the stories of the Brooklands volunteers and staff as they mend, maintain and restore the most extraordinary historic motors and aeroplanes in the world.

Episode 1 

Tuesday 1st February

The Halford Special competes against a Bugatti in a re-run of the first ever British Grand prix. The legendary Empire Star motorbike gets an overhaul ahead of being donated to the museum by its owner. And the museum team clean out a flight shed that houses the Avro, Brookland’s earliest plane.   


Episode 2

Tuesday 8th February

A young racing driver learns how to handle the Napier-Railton.  A race winning Harrier jet, and pilot, are reunited. And the museum celebrates a speedy centenary by reuniting two period perfect bikes on a stretch of record-breaking track.  

Episode 3

Tuesday 15th February

The motorbike team create a new lubrication system to keep a 1930s BSA motorbike running. A Mini Metro and red Corvette turn heads at the Members Classic Car Show. And a 1910 Bristol Boxkite takes to the skies. 

Episode 4

Tuesday 22nd February

A rare Brooklands glider is given a new chance at flight. A 1930s race team is pushed to the max at Goodwood.  And a father passes his beloved Brooklands Norton bike down to his son. 

Episode 5

Tuesday 1st March

Two of the museum’s most famous, and fastest vehicles go head-to-head.  An old airfield fire engine needs TLC to be ready for the museum’s Emergency Services event. Two motorbike volunteers visit the home of motoring legend John Surtees. 

Episode 6

Tuesday 8th March

A father and son team battle to get their vintage buses ready for the Brooklands bus show.   A man with a vision tries bring his great grandfather’s motorcycle dreams back from the dead at the Brooklands track.  And a McLaren Senna GTR makes a dramatic entrance at the Museum .

Episode 7

Tuesday 15th March

Volunteer Mark visits bike building maestro Allen Millyard to choose two models for Brooklands Motorcycle day.  Two museum members fulfil their friend John’s automobile dreams.  And a WW1 Sopwith Camel biplane goes through its MOT.

Episode 8

Tuesday 22nd March

Bus obsessed broadcaster and radio DJ Ed Adoo gets the ultimate driving lesson. A rare, cutting-edge bike from the past is saved by modern day engineering magic. And the earliest form of motor racing comes to the Brooklands track.   

Episode 9

Tuesday 29th March

A Mini makeover reduces its owner to tears.  A replica, 1925 cycle car, that’s taken six years to build, comes a cropper at Brooklands.  And a workhorse of the skies battles against the elements.

Episode 10

Tuesday 5th April

Actor and writer (and show narrator) Sanjeev Bhaskar visits Brooklands to re-live a past supersonic experience on Concorde. A scaled down Bugatti makes waves on the track. And the earliest ever Triumph motorcycle is unveiled. 

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