Brooklands Clubhouse Project

For over a century, the Clubhouse has been at the heart of Brooklands - a witness to history...

...and we want to ensure it is preserved for future generations to enjoy. Follow the progress of works on our beautiful and iconic, Grade II* listed building. 

What we are doing:

Preserving our heritage

Undertaking critical repairs to this iconic building ensuring it survives for another 115 years by:

  • Restoring the tower – which includes making the structure watertight and preventing further water ingress into the building damaging the structure, new balustrades and refurbishing the concrete base pediment – enabling future access up there once again
  • Refurbishment of the Napier Room windows and external facade – includes replacing rotten timbers and redecorating to make watertight
  • Refurbishment of the steel windows – this includes the large window in the former library
  • Replacement of the bar balcony roof – construction of a new roof that is weathertight which will prevent future water ingress that is currently damaging the rooms below the balcony
  • Replacement of balcony balustrades – new timber work and redecorated to improve safety and appearance
  • Refurbishment of balcony external staircase – targeted repairs and redecoration
Improving access

Enabling everyone to use these spaces by:

  • Installation of a new lift to improve access for all to enjoy the first floor
  • Creation of an additional accessible entry into the Napier Room from the lift which will increase the flexibility and use of all spaces in the Clubhouse
  • A new meeting room / hospitality space in the forward section of the former library that makes the most of the views onto the Paddock, Finishing Straight and Test Hill
  • A new accessible toilet on the first floor
  • A new ground floor reading room in the former Art Gallery space adjacent to the Café improving accessibility for researchers to make use of our collection
  • A new secure bookstore in the rear of the former Billiard Room


The Clubhouse over time...

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