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Schools & Teachers FAQ

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about school visits to Brooklands Museum.

Keeping you safe

Brooklands Museum is welcoming school groups on days we are also open to the public. To inquire about specific dates, you can email the Learning & Engagement Officer on learning@brooklandsmuseum.com

  • If you, your students, or adult supervisors are feeling unwell, have a high temperature (over 38 degrees), persistent cough or shortness of breath, please stay at home.
  • We have introduced enhanced cleaning to our toilets, exhibits, high-contact areas, and education rooms.
  • Lunchrooms are thoroughly cleaned post-visit and are not used again until the next group visit, so you will always arrive to a fresh, clean lunchroom for you to use throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitisers are located throughout the Museum.
  • We encourage the use of face coverings (if you are able to wear one) particularly in indoor areas, as this may reduce the risk of transmission to your group and others. This is especially important in enclosed and crowded spaces.
  • For the safety of our workshop facilitators, face coverings must be worn by anyone over the age of 11 during interactive workshops, unless exempt.
  • Social distancing is practised at the Museum and will be monitored by our staff and volunteers.
  • Wherever possible, windows and doors will be left open to increase ventilation and fresh airflow.
  • To maintain the safety of visiting school groups we have made changes to the maximum number of pupils we can accommodate at one time. If you would like to visit with a group of more than 60 pupils, please contact the Learning & Engagement Officer by calling 01932 857381 ext. 257 or by emailing learning@brooklandsmuseum.com
  • In some cases, we have had to temporarily suspend activities or exhibits where we cannot maintain social distancing or adequately clean between visitors. For more information on these changes read our Visitor Safety FAQ
Your school visit journey
  • Schools can arrive when the Museum opens at 10:00am and typically depart between 1:30pm-2:30pm. School groups are greeted at the Main Visitor Entrance by a member of staff.
  • You can choose between a self-guided visit or a visit with additional activities, such as guided tours or workshops.
  • Guided tours last 45 mins each and are scheduled to take place in the morning before lunch.
  • The afternoon consists of either additional workshops or self-guided exploration of our exhibitions.
  • You can book one of our Activity Rooms as part of your visit, which is allocated to you for the day and can be used to store bags and eat packed lunches.
  • A timetable will be sent to you a fortnight before your visit.

Click here for guided tours and workshops by Key Stage

Adult supervisors

We ask that school groups bring appropriate adult supervision, as children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult supervisor at all times. Schools can bring a number of adults to the Museum free of charge, depending on the age of the students. Our adult to child ratio is:

  • Early Years and Foundation: one adult to two children
  • Key Stage 1 and 2: one adult to six students
  • Key Stage 3 and 4: one adult to ten students
  • College and University: one adult to ten students
Guided tours and interactive workshops

We offer guided tours and workshops to all age groups, from Nursery to University. We have made some changes to our guided tours and workshops, so we can deliver safe, enjoyable, and engaging activities to your students.

  • Single-use workshop materials are prepared in advance and are not shared with or used by other school groups.
  • Some workshops utilise recycled materials and equipment, which are sanitised with disinfectant wipes after use.

Click here for guided tours and workshops by Key Stage

Completing a Risk Assessment
  • Our full schools Risk Assessment will be provided upon booking.
  • Teachers have the option to book a complimentary pre-visit recce to Brooklands Museum during opening hours in order to complete a Risk Assessment.
  • If you are unable to visit the Museum for a recce in person, you can contact our Learning Officer for more information about your visit by calling 01932 857381 ext. 257 or by emailing learning@brooklandsmuseum.com
Payment and Cancellation
  • Your school will be invoiced after your visit. Invoices can be paid by BACS, cheque or credit/debit card.
  • If you cancel your booking less than 2 weeks before your date of visit, we charge a £30 cancellation fee. However, we understand that your circumstances may change quickly due to government or council Covid-19 guidelines. For this reason, we will not be charging schools a cancellation fee if they are not able to visit the museum because of local coronavirus restrictions
  • If Brooklands Museum is unable to welcome you due to local coronavirus restrictions in Surrey or our council area, we will contact you immediately.
How to Book
  • If you are ready to make your booking, choose the activities you would like and possible dates for your visit and email the Bookings Office at learning@brooklandsmuseum.com to check availability and request a Booking Form.
  • Due to the number of enquiries we receive, all school bookings are provisional until you have returned your Booking Form.
  • If you would like more information about a potential educational visit to Brooklands Museum, or would simply like to have an informal chat about how we can accommodate you and your students, you are welcome to contact our Learning & Engagement Officer by calling 01932 857381 ext. 257 or by emailing learning@brooklandsmuseum.com