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Aston Martin Halford Special

The world’s first turbocharged car, which raced in the first-ever British Grand Prix in 1926.

Aero-engine designer Major Frank Halford built an engine specifically for this short chassis Aston Martin in an attempt to use the advances of aero-engine design in motor racing. Halford initially fitted a turbocharger to the engine, making this the first known turbo-charged car, though the experiment was short-lived. In 1926, the Halford Special won two Brooklands Outer Circuit races, with a fastest lap of 109.94mph.

Halford also raced this car in the first British Grand Prix, retiring after 214 miles while 4th. In the car’s only other Grand Prix appearance, at the 1927 French Grand Prix, George Eyston was running at the finish, but not classified.

Loaned by Mr. James Cheyne.

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Jackson Shed



  • Engine: 1.5 litre, 6-cylinder, supercharged
  • Top Speed: 120mph
  • Manufacturer: Frank Halford
  • Model: Special
  • Origin: London, UK

Races & Record


  • 1925, JCC 200-mile
  • 1926, two Brooklands Outer circuit races, it made a fastest lap at 109.94 mph.
  • 1926, British Grand Prix at Brooklands
  • 1927, French Grand Prix by George Eyston