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Brough Superior, Works Scrapper

This motorcycle, built by Freddie Dixon and the Brough Superior Works, achieved the ‘World’s Fastest’ title in 1929.

This bike was built by Freddie Dixon and the Brough Superior Works in 1927. Dixon, a successful racer with both motorbikes and cars, used this bike to take the record for the first bike with a sidecar to lap Brooklands at over 100 mph.

Later he took it to Arpajon in France to try and take the “World’s Fastest” record. It reached 130mph but could not make the return run. However, in 1929 Bert LeVack took the bike back to Arpajon and broke the record at 129.05mph. Brough Superior founder, George Brough, also raced this bike regularly, winning races around the country.

Loaned by Peter Lancaster

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  • Engine: 1000cc
  • Top Speed: 130 mph
  • Manufacturer: Brough Superior
  • Model: ‘Scrapper’
  • Origin: Nottingham