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Bugatti Baby

In celebration of Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, The Little Car Company and Bugatti developed the Bugatti Baby II, a modern tribute to Ettore Bugatti's masterpiece the Bugatti Baby, a gift to his youngest son Roland.

Launching almost a century after Ettore's original, the Baby II is built using the latest electric technology, with the utmost respect for Bugatti's automotive heritage.

The Baby II is a 75% scale, fully electric reincarnation of the iconic Bugatti Type 35, developed using a full 3D scan of an original 1924 French Grand Prix car. As an official Bugatti product, only components of the highest quality have been used, with each car being impeccably hand-built. The Baby II is adorned with a genuine, solid silver Bugatti Macaron, a symbol of exclusivity, luxury and craftsmanship that has stood for over 110 years. A true continuation of a prestigious history.

Just like the original, the Bugatti Baby II is a strictly limited edition with only 500 cars being built.

The Baby II is loaned to Brooklands Museum on behalf of Brooklands Watch Co.

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  • Engine: Standard powertrain 4kw
  • Top Speed: 48KPH
  • Manufacturer: The Little Car Company and Bugatti
  • Model: Base Bugatti Baby II
  • Origin: Bicester