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Sopwith Tabloid Floatplane (replica)

Sopwith developed this floatplane in 1914 to enter in the Schneider Trophy international seaplane race. Its design was based on the Tabloid, a compact sports and racing biplane. Flown by Howard Pixton, the Schneider won easily, setting a new seaplane speed record of 92mph (148km/h).

The Tabloid was one of the first biplanes to outperform monoplanes, such as the Blériot XI, and was adopted for use in World War One. Tabloids were used as scouts and bombers, while Schneiders were used for naval patrols and home defence. This replica Schneider floatplane was built in 2012 by Brooklands Museum volunteers and students from Kingston University.

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Date Built
1914 (2012)

Brooklands Aircraft Factory