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Hawker Hunter F.Mk.51

This example was built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd at Kingston-upon-Thames and assembled at Dunsfold, Surrey. It is one of 30 F.51 Hunters exported to the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) on 24th August 1956 and served until 15th March 1974.

Hawker Siddeley Aviation (HSA) bought the aircraft in 1976 and it was given the new identity 'G-9-439'. It was later acquired by the new Tangmere Military Aviation Museum where it was repainted in RAF colours as Hunter F.4 ‘XF314‘, ‘N‘, of 43 Squadron at Tangmere.

It was sold in 1998 and displayed at several other museums, until 2005 when it was purchased by Hong Kong-born Kai Choi of Godalming. Dismantled by Brooklands Museum volunteers, the aircraft was moved to Brooklands on 10th September 2005 with assistance and sponsorship from Twenty Four Seven Recovery, Mobile Tracking Systems and Queens Automotive. It is currently undergoing restoration.

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Brooklands Aircraft Factory



One Rolls-Royce Avon Series 100 7,500lb static thrust turbo-jet engine. Wing span 33 ft 8in/10.4m; Length 45 ft 11in/14m; Height 13 ft 2in/4m; Weight 7,800lbs/3,546kg. Maximum Speed 710 mph at sea level.