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Car Rides

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What Do We Do

The Brooklands Car Rides Team was formed about a decade ago to provide safe, exhilarating rides around what remains of the Brooklands Race Track, including Test Hill, in a period-style car. The aim is to educate, inspire and entertain visitors by giving them a taste of the sights, sounds and smells of the Race Track. Our other aim is to raise funds for the Museum by asking for a donation of £1 per person, per ride for this activity.

The Team is made up of Volunteers who provide the vehicles at their own personal expense, along with paying the maintenance costs of the cars and buying their own uniforms and equipment.

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When Do We Operate

Weather permitting, the rides operate during the school holidays and half terms on Mondays to Thursdays in the summer holidays and Mondays to Fridays at all other times, excluding Bank Holidays and the Christmas break. In the morning they start at 11am and continue until 1pm, then run again between 2 and 3pm in the winter and until 4pm during summer hours.

The Team also provide car rides, by prior arrangement, for weddings, corporate and other functions organised by the Museum and its hospitality department. Please contact Hospitality on 01932 858005 or email hospitality@brooklandsmuseum.com for details. Donations for corporate and other functions and weddings are by negotiation.

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What Do We Need You To Do

We can only operate this activity with your full cooperation so that we can conform with our safety protocols. Please listen carefully to the driver’s safety briefing and obey all instructions from the Team during your time with us. All valuables and technology must be safely stowed away as the track is bumpy in places.

Children may take rides with parents, guardians or carers provided they can take their own seat. Those between the ages of six and sixteen may travel unescorted providing a disclaimer is signed by a responsible adult when obtaining tickets for the first time, at which point a wristband will be issued which is valid for the day, providing that it remains unbroken.

Open sports cars are uncomfortable in inclement weather and with your safety as our primary concern, track conditions dictate that we cannot operate in rain or snow. The rides may therefore be suspended or cancelled at short notice, so to avoid disappointment please only obtain tickets for immediate use. If we are unable to run for a day, then notices will be posted on the home page of the website, at the Museum entrance and at the Car Rides ticket office in the Paddock.

The last tickets for any session will be issued at least 15 minutes before the close of play, or earlier, depending on demand.

You are welcome to take photographs before or after a ride and we will happily take them for you, so that you can star in them. If you are posting them on social networking sites please include a link to Brooklands Museum, as we value free publicity!

Lastly, do remember to write in our Comments Book, we love to know what you thought, what you enjoyed and what we might do better.