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Turbo-Union RB199 – sectioned

1972, Stratosphere Chamber, On long term display

The Turbo-Union RB199 is a turbofan jet engine designed and built from the early 1970s by Turbo-Union, a joint venture between Rolls-Royce, MTU and FiatAvio, for use in the Panavia Tornado.

Tornados powered by RB199 variants have amassed over 5 million flight hours since entering service with the Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe, German Navy, Royal Saudi Air Force and Italian Air Force. The RB199 was also briefly used in the EAP (Experimental Aircraft Programme) and in the resulting prototype Eurofighter Typhoon before the production of its purpose built EJ200 engine.

Part of the Tornado’s specification was that it be able to take-off and land on short airstrips to allow operation in hostile environments: for this reason the engine is fitted with a two-bucket thrust reverser to improve braking on landing.

This example was sectioned by Rolls-Royce and provided to a maintenance and repair contractor for use as a training tool.

Donated by Vector Aerospace


Type: Turbofan

Thrust: 9,100 lbf (40.5 kN)

/w reheat 16,400 lbf (74.7 kN)

Compressor: 15-stage axial

Turbine: Single-stage high pressure, single-stage intermediate pressure, 2-stage low pressure