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Rolls-Royce Tyne Mk 506

1955, Stratosphere Chamber, On long term display

The Tyne used turboprop experience gained from the Rolls-Royce Dart to combine high performance with compact size and highly economical operation. The Tyne was able to produce 170% more power than the Dart, with improved fuel economy. This made the Tyne suitable for civil and military transports, allowing heavy loads to be carried with low fuel costs.

The Tyne was designed for the Vickers Vanguard and used in a variety of transport and reconnaissance aircraft. Marine versions were developed to power Royal Navy Type 22 frigates and Type 42 destroyers.


Type: Turboprop Power: 6,100shp (4,549 kW)

Compressor: Axial, 6-stage low pressure, 9-stage high pressure

Turbine: 3-stage low pressure, single-stage high pressure

Loaned by the RAF Museum