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Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour

1968, Stratosphere Chamber, On long term display

This turbofan engine was designed for use in the BAC/SEPECAT Jaguar Strike Aircraft which entered service with the RAF in 1972.

It has since been used on the Japanese Mitsubishi T1 and T2 and the BAE SYSTEMS Hawk and Boeing/BAE SYSTEMS Goshawk trainers. The Hawk is most famous as the aircraft currently flown by the RAF Red Arrows aerobatic display team.

Over 2,800 Adour engines have been produced and have amassed over 7,000,000 flying hours between them. This example was the 17th produced and was fitted to a BAC/SEPECAT Jaguar Strike Aircraft.

Donated by DRA Farnborough


Type: Turbofan

Thrust: 6,000 lbf (27.0 kN)

w/ reheat 8,430 lbf (37.5 kN)

Compressor: 2-stage low pressure, 5-stage high pressure

Turbine: Single-stage low pressure, single-stage high pressure