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Rolls-Royce Nene

1944, Stratosphere Chamber, On long term display

The Nene turbojet was designed and built over just five months in 1944, and powered a range of British aircraft such as the Supermarine Attacker and Hawker Sea Hawk. It was later produced under licence in America (as the Pratt & Whitney J42) and several were given to Russia, which reverse-engineered it to produce the Klimov RD-45 which powered various early Russian jets including the MiG-15 fighter. It was also built in China as the Liming WP5.

Two Nenes were fitted to the experimental Vickers Nene-Viking jet airliner VX856/G-AJPH built at Brooklands. It was first flown 6th April 1948 making it the world's first airliner to be powered by jet engines.

Loaned by the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon (L070)


Type: Turbojet

Thrust: 5,000 lbf (22.24 kN) at 12,300 rpm

Compressor: Single-stage double-sided centrifugal

Turbine: Single-stage axial