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Rolls-Royce Avon I – sectioned

1946, Stratosphere Chamber, On long term display

The Avon was developed as a potential replacement for the Rolls-Royce Nene, with the first production engines fitted to the English Electric Canberra. Later engines were fitted to the Vickers Valiant, De Havilland Comet, English Electric Lightning, Supermarine Swift, Hawker Hunter and Supermarine Scimitar.

In the space of 20 days it powered both the Hawker Hunter and then the Supermarine Swift to new world air speed records of over 720mph (1159km/h) in September 1953. The Swift which set this record, WK198, is on display outside the Wellington Hangar. The Avon was also the engine used in Thrust 2, driven by Richard Noble to a world land speed record of 633.46 mph (1,019km/h) in 1983.

This sectioned engine was previously owned by Oxford Brookes University where it was used as a teaching aid for engineering students.

Donated by Oxford Brookes University


Type: Turbojet

Thrust: 6,500 lbf (29 kN)

Compressor: 15-stage axial

Turbine: 2-stage axial