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Anzani 25hp

c1909, Stratosphere Chamber, On long term display

This engine was a popular choice with many early aviators; most notably a similar engine was fitted to Louis Bleriot’s Blériot XI Monoplane as it made the first successful heavier-than-air flight across the English Channel in 1909.

This particular engine is believed to have been brought to England by Blériot to fit to one of his aircraft. It was later acquired by RGJ Nash, the pioneer vintage transport collector whose International Horseless Carriage Corporation was based at Brooklands in the 1930s.

Anzani was founded by the Italian Alessandro Anzani to manufacture bicycles, but soon developed a record-breaking air-cooled motorcycle engine. He then expanded into producing car, boat and aeroplane engines.

Loaned by Richard Nash


Type: W3 fan

Cylinders: 3

Power: 25bhp (18.6kW) at 1,400 rpm

Size: 216 in3 (3.5 L)

Bore: 3.9 in (100mm)

Stroke: 5.9 in (150mm)