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Aston Martin 35hp Tourer

1924, Campbell Shed, On long term display

1.5 litre side valve with fixed head

This car was first sold to a client in the Midlands in April 1924. It was rescued from a scrap yard in 1939 and the chassis used for a tractor in the Home Guard during the Second World War.

It was again rescued from a scrap yard in 1945 by a Cambridge medical student to use as a runabout. He built a new body for the car and used it for 16 years but it went back to the scrap yard in 1961. The fourth and present owner rebuilt the car to its original condition providing a faithful replica of the body.

Aston Martins came in two chassis options - long or short and the client would have the body made to order - saloon, sports, tourer or replica racer. Between 1920 and 1925 the Aston Martin company made 54 production cars and 7 Team cars. The Team cars were used for racing and record breaking.

It is now only one of two vintage Aston Martin tourers in original condition and was in regular use until 1980.

The gearbox was based on a design by Ettore Bugatti and top speed was advertised at 72 mph. See also The Halford Special and the Aston Martin 'Razor Blade'.

Loaned by James Cheyne.