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Aston Martin 'Razor Blade'

1923, Jackson Shed, On long term display

This single seater 1500cc light car was built for track racing. Its type became increasingly important in the 1920s with manufacturers such as Bugatti, Talbot, Darracq, AC and Alvis gaining publicity through racing.

This ‘Special’ was built around a 16-valve engine from one of the 1922 Grand Prix cars. The body was built by the de Havilland Aircraft Company who had much experience in streamlining and working with aluminium. The first body was built to accommodate Kensington Moir, the hinged upper part of the cockpit resulted in the car having the nickname ‘The Oyster’. However, the original cockpit was later modified to make it slimmer and more practical. As a result, it became known as ‘Razor Blade’. The radiator was fitted with horizontal shutters operated by the driver to adjust the water temperature.

Class Records were established at Brooklands for the standing start kilometre at 66.54 mph and the standing mile at 74.12 mph. In 1923 Frank Halford took the Test Hill record in the car and achieved 1st and 5th places in the August B.A.R.C. Meeting. Razor Blade was also driven by Humphrey Cook, Captain Douglas, George Eyston and S.C.H. Davis. The car is believed to be the inspiration behind S.C.H. Davis’ illustration for the B.R.D.C. badge.

The car has been restored by the present owner.

Loaned by James Cheyne

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