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Alvis Front Wheel Drive

1928, Campbell Shed, On long term display

This car was delivered to Commander J.B. Rooper RN in 1928. It had been intended for the 1928 Tourist Trophy Team a few weeks earlier but it was not completed in time for the race.

On the 5th August 1929, John Rooper entered it in two Brooklands Automobile Racing Club Handicap races and, in one of them, achieved an average speed of 96 mph.

After Rooper sold the car in 1930, it was raced by Edward Farley at Brooklands and again in the 1931 Junior Car Club Double Twelve Hour Race by Farley and Philip Fotheringham-Parker.

Although it started life as a production supercharged ‘Tourist Trophy’ model, it had the supercharger removed and twin carbs installed. The large scuttle fuel tank holding over 20 gallons, as raced by John Rooper, has also been replaced.

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