Vickers VC10: Fuselage 'Victor Mike'

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Vickers VC10: Fuselage 'Victor Mike'

This was the last Standard VC10 built. It was built at Brooklands in 1963-64 and made its maiden flight from here on 9th July 1964.

It was the 12th VC10 to be delivered to BOAC and operated both as a passenger carrier and a crew trainer with BOAC and British Airways. In 1977 it performed a very low flypast for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Air Display. Finally being retired in October 1979, it made its final flight to RAF Cosford and became the first VC10 to be preserved.

In 2006 British Airways offered the fuselage of G-ARVM to Brooklands Museum as it was unrealistic to relocate the complete airframe.

The fuselage finally arrived at the Museum in October 2006 in two pieces. It has since been rejoined and is now the only surviving VC10 1101 in Britain.

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