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Behind the Scenes with Museum Assistant Dickon

03 April 2021

In our latest blog series we're going behind the scenes at the Museum with our staff and volunteers. First up is Museum Assistant Dickon, who's written about working at the Museum during lockdown.

As a member of the reception team, I have carried on working on site during every lockdown and it has certainly been a time I won't forget. Not because of anything dramatic, if fact most days have been fairly mundane, but because of seeing what is normally a very active site so quiet.

Starting at 8am, I take over from security and receive any messages from the previous day. Then after checking emails the Postman would arrive. There is only ever a handful of people on site at a time and on a weekday include one admin staff, one or two from the property team, Brooklands Motor Company and a few from the LBM. When staff arrive, I give them access through the Campbell gate and record their name a reason for entering. Next everyone is asked to stop at reception for a temperature check. Keys are handed out if needed as there have been frequent visits form the curatorial team, checking the collection.

It has been a year since the first lockdown, and it has given me the chance to see Brooklands from a different perspective. The changing of the seasons has inspired me to take many photos including, rain, snow, fog and some beautiful sunrise and sunset images. I was very excited to hear that snow was on the way and decided to make the most of it by running out into the Paddock with my camera every time there was a flurry of snow. Being in the right place at the right time gave me the chance to take some unique shots of the clubhouse in the snow.

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