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Wolseley Moth

The record-breaking Wolseley Moths raced at Brooklands throughout the 1920s.

This Wolseley Moth, one of two made, was named after a troupe of dancing girls, and incorporates very advanced aerodynamics for its time. Although its first race ended in a crash, the car went on to break over fifty records at Brooklands. The two Moths came first and second in a race at the BARC Easter Meeting in 1923.

They continued to race successfully until 1930, but both disappeared after 1935, until John End discovered one of the original engines in Cornwall in 1970. This working reconstruction includes that engine and a replica body and radiator.

Loaned by John End

Collection Data

Date Built

Campbell Shed



  • Engine: 4-cylinder, 1261cc, 10HP
  • Top Speed: c.90mph
  • Manufacturer: Wolseley Motors
  • Model: 10
  • Origin: Birmingham

Races & Record

  • 1922, British 24-hour ‘Double Twelve’
  • 1923, BARC Easter Meeting