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Singer 9hp

This car still has the original paintwork and race number from when it raced at Brooklands in 1934.

This was the white car, driven by Eileen Ellison, in a red, white, and blue team in the 1934 Light Car Club Relay Race. The other two cars were driven by Kay Petre and Mrs Tolhurst. The team came 5th and won the Houghton Cup for the highest placed women’s team.

Despite a second career racing on Pendine Sands, the car is unmodified from when it was driven by Eileen at Brooklands in 1934. The ‘Nine’ was one of Singer’s most successful models, and more highly developed versions had successes at Le Mans and elsewhere.

Loaned by Charles Pilbeam

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Campbell Shed



  • Engine: 972cc 4-cylinder (Currently under restoration)
  • Top Speed:  66mph
  • Manufacturer: Singer
  • Model: 9hp
  • Origin: Coventry

Races & Record

1934, Light Car Club International Relay Race at Brooklands