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Salmson Grand Sport

One of the Salmson light cars which competed successfully at Brooklands in the 1920s.

Salmson cars were very successful at Brooklands after World War One. Most notably, Captain Hazlehurst won the 1926 200 Miles Race outright, and M Goutte also set a long-standing class record of 114.49mph on only his second lap of the Brooklands track.

Salmson ‘Grand Sport’ models were marketed in England as ‘Grand Prix’ cars and the major local dealer at the time was Brooklands racing driver Gordon Watney. They had an advanced technical specifications, including a twin-overhead-camshaft engine.

This particular car took part in various speed events at Brooklands throughout the 1920s.

This car was bequeathed to Brooklands Museum by the late Mr. Jim Tucker

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Campbell Shed



  • Engine: 1100cc ‘1923 Grand Prix’ type
  • Top Speed: 90mph
  • Manufacturer: Salmson
  • Model: Grand Sport
  • Origin: France