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Ridley Special

This car was specifically designed to break records for small cars at Brooklands.

Matthew White, 3rd Viscount Ridley, was a self-taught engineer and racing enthusiast. He built the Ridley Special to his own specification in workshops on his estate at Blagdon, Northumberland. At this time, a tremendous ‘Battle of the Babes’ was being fought between Austin and MG for the International Class H (750cc) Record. On 12th August 1931, Lord Ridley took the flying kilometre and mile records at 105.42mph and 104.50mph in the Ridley Special at Brooklands.

On 28th October 1931, Lord Ridley had a serious crash here at Brooklands, wrecking the car , and being lucky to escape with his life.

Loaned by Lord Ridley

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  • Engine: 750cc
  • Top Speed: 115mph
  • Manufacturer: Viscount Ridley
  • Model: Special
  • Origin: Northumberland

Races & Record

1931, International Class H Record, record 105.42 mph and 104.50 mph at Brooklands