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Norton ‘LPD1’ 490cc with sidecar

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Norton ‘LPD1’ 490cc with sidecar

‘LPD1’ is one of the most original Brooklands racing motorcycles to survive and broke 14 World Long Distance Records.

On the 29 June 1926, ‘LPD1’, ridden by Bert Denly and Pat Driscoll, took 14 World Long Distance Records at Brooklands. Denly also became the first rider to achieve 100 miles an hour on a 500cc motorcycle on ‘LPD1’ at Montlhéry a year later.

The nickname ‘LPD1’ comes from the engine, which was the first built by Pat Driscoll for the Norton Works team. Driscoll acquired the machine in 1929 and won 200 events in three years, before he moved to racing on four wheels with the Austin works team.

Loaned by Roger Bird

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  • Engine: 490cc
  • Top Speed: 120mph (solo)
  • Manufacturer: Norton
  • Model: ‘LPD1’
  • Origin: Birmingham