Olympus Wolf WR7

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Olympus Wolf WR7

The last Formula 1 car raced by legendary driver James Hunt.

This is one of three cars built for the 1979 Formula 1 season by the team owned by businessman Walter Wolf. Former world champion James Hunt was signed as the team’s star driver for his last seven Grand Prix races before he retired and was replaced by Keke Rosberg.

At the end of the season, Wolf withdrew from Formula 1 and the cars were sold to Fittipaldi Automotive. With some small adjustments, Emerson Fittipaldi and Keke Rosberg took two podiums in the 1980 season.

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  • Engine: Ford Cosworth DFV 2,993 cc V8
  • Top Speed: 170mph
  • Manufacturer: Walter Wolf Racing
  • Model: WR7
  • Origin: Reading, UK

Races & Record

  • 1979, Formula 1 Season driven by James Hunt and Keke Rosberg.
  • 1980 Championship driven by Emerson Fittipaldi and Keke Rosberg.