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Norton Special Motorcycle

A unique motorcycle with an engine designed by Robin Jackson

Georges Soan built this motorcycle in the 1980s as a road going machine using the famous ‘Featherbed’ frame and ‘Roadholder’ forks together with a modified Manx Norton racing engine. The engine was originally prepared by Robin Jackson for use in a Formula 3 racing car but never used.

Jackson incorporated a number of radical well engineered modifications into the engine including, a one-piece crankshaft with special con-rod and shell type big end, an additional oil pump driven by the overhead camshaft drive, an upside-down carburettor and fuel circulating system designed to withstand cornering loads in cars and sidecar outfit and a homemade cylinder head machined by Robin Jackson from a Norton blank casting to incorporate his own tuning innovations.

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  • Engine: 500cc, single cylinder
  • Top Speed: 120mph
  • Manufacturer: Norton/Robin Jackson
  • Model: Special
  • Origin: Birmingham, UK/Brooklands