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Norton International 350cc

A Brooklands racer that ended its first racing career as a worker’s transport to the Vickers aircraft factory.

This Norton International was first raced at Brooklands in 1936 in the Hutchinson Hundred by JB Moss, who went on to become a works AJS rider. By the end of 1937 it was becoming uncompetitive in road races, so it remained at Brooklands where the rigid frame was not a significant disadvantage and handicap events compensated for its lower engine output.

When war put a stop to racing on the track it was sold to Ray Petty for use as a means of getting to and from the Vickers factory at Brooklands. In 1947 it was sold to journalist Denis Jenkinson who raced it in numerous events.

Loaned by Roger Bird

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  • Engine: 500cc (originally 350cc)
  • Top Speed: 80mph
  • Manufacturer: Norton
  • Model: International
  • Origin: Birmingham