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Napier T38 Colonial Deluxe

Napier dominated the early years of racing at Brooklands, but this example was designed for rougher terrain.

Napier cars featured in the very first event on the new Brooklands track in 1907. A week before the first race meeting Selwyn Edge, the Australian-born sales manager of Napier, set the world 24-hour record at 65.9mph – driving alone – on a 60HP machine. This smaller Colonial model was designed for rough-road life abroad, and would have been tested cross-country before completing a speed test at Brooklands.

This car may have been modified for military use, as the front axle has been replaced with a sturdier unit. It was once part of the famous Sword Collection, and displayed in the Danish National Motor Museum.

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Campbell Shed



  • Engine: 16/22 hp 4-cylinder, 2310cc
  • Top Speed: 40mph
  • Manufacturer: Napier
  • Model: T38 ‘Colonial Deluxe’
  • Origin: London