Morris Eight Saloon

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Morris Eight Saloon

A typical road car of the 1930s, of the type which spectators drove to Brooklands.

In the early 1930s Morris was Britain’s biggest car manufacturer, and its model 8 stayed in production until 1952. This car was owned from 1942 to 1996 by Miss Irene Codd of Esher who bought it second-hand from the first Esher Librarian. Miss Codd’s father was a full member of the RAC as early as 1905 and was also a frequent visitor to Brooklands and mixed with many of the leading racing drivers of the day.

The vehicle has been preserved in largely original condition, and has been restored to running order by Brooklands Museum volunteers.

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Campbell Shed



  • Engine: 918cc 4-cylinder sidevalve
  • Top Speed: 60mph
  • Manufacturer: Morris
  • Model: 8
  • Origin: Cowley, Oxford