Delage 15-S-8

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Delage 15-S-8

Delage won the 1926 and 1927 British Grands Prix. This is the only car to have attended both races.

Delage produced this car for the new GP formula in 1926, although a design fault resulted in the exhaust system burning the driver’s feet. Nevertheless, they won the first British Grand Prix, for which this car was the spare, before becoming the prototype for a re-design which enabled Delage to dominate the 1927 World Championship.

Delage then sold off the cars, Malcolm Campell buying this one to race at Brooklands and Southport. Campbell sold it to WB Scott who raced it and broke records at Brooklands and Montlhéry, before it was passed on to drivers such as Prince Bira and Reg Parnell.


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Date Built

Jackson Shed



  • Engine: 1,500cc 8-cylinder supercharged
  • Top Speed: 130mph
  • Manufacturer: Delage
  • Model: 15 S8
  • Origin: Courbevoie, France

Races & Record

  • 1926, First RAC British Grand Prix at Brooklands
  • 1927, World Constructor Championship