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Francis Barnett Brooklands Track Special

This Francis Barnett, ridden by T. G. Meeten set a large number of speed records at Brooklands in the 1920s.

This machine was built and raced by the Surrey motorcycle dealer T.G. ‘Tommy’ Meeten, who went on to take over S.O.S. Motorcycles and was a founding member of the British Two Stroke Club.

This Francis Barnett, affectionately known ‘Fanny B’, was driven by Meeten at Brookland and set numerous records, including the endurance record, after riding for 6 hours at 50 mph. Apart from the tyres and seat, everything on this bike is original to the Brooklands period.

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  • Engine: 172cc
  • Top Speed: 70mph
  • Manufacturer: T.G. Meeten
  • Model: Brooklands Track Special
  • Origin: Surrey