Delahaye 135 S Competition Roadster

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Delahaye 135 S Competition Roadster

This car was crowned the ‘World’s Fastest Sportscar’ at Brooklands in 1939.

The Thai Prince Chula bought this Delahaye for his cousin Prince Bira to race at Brooklands in 1937. The car was also raced here by lady racing driver Jill Scott-Thomas. At the 1939 Whitsun race meeting, Arthur Dobson drove it to win the race to find “...the fastest car used on the roads of Great Britain” in a two-part event using both the Outer and Mountain circuits.

The Delahaye was then sold to Rob Walker, a member of the ‘Johnnie Walker’ whisky dynasty, who drove it in the 1939 Le Mans 24 Hours. It is still owned by the Walker family.

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  • Engine: 3557cc 6-cylinder
  • Top Speed: 90mph
  • Manufacturer: Delahaye
  • Model: 135
  • Origin: Paris

Races & Record

  • 1936, Tourist Trophy Race of the year by T G Clarke.
  • 1936, British Grand Prix, Donington by T G Clarke & Maurice Faulkner.
  • 1937, Pau Grand Prix by Prince Bira.
  • 1938, Ladies Race at Crystal Palace by Mrs E M Thomas.
  • 1939, Invitation Road Race & Mountain Race, Brooklands Whitsun by Dobson
  • 1939, Le Mans 24-hour by Rob Walker & Ian Connell
  • 1949, Le Mans 24-hour by Tony Rolt & Guy Jason