Cooper T.72 F3

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Cooper T.72 F3

A Formula 3 car raced by future stars of Formula One.

The T72 was designed for the 1964 Formula 3 championships around Europe. Jackie Stewart drove a T72 to victory in seven of the ten races in the British series, dominating the championship and setting him on his path to become three-time Formula 1 World Champion.

This car was raced by Jaques Bernusser in 15 meetings across Europe in 1964, winning twice. It was later bought by mechanic Terry Kitson who was involved in the construction of all 18 T72 cars at the Cooper factory.

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  • Engine: BMC 1-litre, straight four
  • Top Speed: 150mph
  • Manufacturer: Cooper
  • Model: T72 F3
  • Origin: Surbiton, UK

Races & Record

1964, F3 Race at the Nurburgring