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Brough Superior 1150 with Sidecar

A roadgoing version of one of the fastest motorcycles to race at Brooklands.

Brough Superior were marketed as the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, combining style and comfort with effortless speed. All of their motorcycles were tested at Brooklands before being delivered to the customer.

Whilst this model was designed as a tourer, capable of making long trips in comfort, Brough were also extremely successful racing machines. Brooklands based racer Eric Fernihough took the world motorcycle land speed record with a Brough in 1937, and Noel Pope set the ultimate Brooklands Outer Circuit motorcycle records at 124mph solo and 106mph with sidecar.

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  • Engine: 1,096cc v-twin
  • Top Speed: 75mph (with sidecar)
  • Manufacturer: Brough Superior
  • Model:11-50 Alpine
  • Origin: Nottingham