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BEA Bedford HA 110 light van

The vehicle is portrayed in BEA colours, contemporary with the BEA aircraft of the same era that used a section of the Union flag on their tails.

The Bedford HA van was based on the Vauxhall Viva and was also marketed as the Bedford Beagle. HA vans were used throughout the airline, such was their versatility, and they even continued in service with British Airways when BEA and BOAC merged.

‘XPK 677T’ was found in Surrey in the late 1990s. It was purchased by the British Airways Classic Vehicle Association and fully restored by 1998 at Heathrow. It has a 1,000cc engine and has only covered 30,000 miles in 20 years. It was donated to Brooklands Museum in August 2006 and is preserved in fully roadworthy condition.

Last known ‘HA’ was used by the British Airways Fire Service until the early '90s, when it was purchased by a member of staff.

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