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Collection Item

Aston Martin 'Razor Blade'

This 1,500cc single-seater is claimed to be the narrowest racing car ever built.

Aston Martin built this car to attack the one-hour light-car record. The De Havilland Aircraft Company built the body, whose hinged cockpit cover earned it the nickname The Oyster, but when modified to be slimmer and more practical it became Razor Blade. 

Powered by a 1922 Aston Martin Grand Prix engine, it took numerous class records at Brooklands as well as the outright Test Hill record in 1923. Famous drivers including Humphrey Cook, Frank Halford, George Eyston and S C H ‘Sammy’ Davis, whose design for the British Racing Drivers Club badge is believed to have been inspired by the car.

The car has been restored by the present owner.

Loaned by James Cheyne

Collection Data

Date Built

ERA Shed



  • ENGINE: 1,500cc 16valve 4-cylinder
  • TOP SPEED: 80mph
  • MANUFACTURER: Aston Martin
  • MODEL: Razor Blade Special
  • ORIGIN: London

Races & Record

  • 1923, Test Hill record achieved
  • 1923, August B.A.R.C