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Clinkard Special

A privately built and raced car from the period following World War Two.

This car was built in the mid-1950s by Lt. Cdr. Clinkard and Frank Graves using a purpose-built chassis combined with an Alvis engine and gearbox. It was originally supercharged but the supercharger was later removed. The body is from an E type E.R.A. and was purchased for 35 pounds (about £740 today).

The car was used in sprints, hill climbs, and circuit races throughout Europe, including the Ramsgate Speed Trials in April 1956 where Clinkard achieved a 2nd Best Time of the Day award. However, in many races it was outclassed by factory-built cars from Maserati, Ferrari and E.R.A.

Loaned by John Ferris.

Collection Data

Date Built

Jackson Shed



  • Engine: 4.3 litre 6-cylinder
  • Top Speed: 120mph
  • Manufacturer: Lt. Cdr. Clinkard
  • Model: Special
  • Origin: UK

Races & Record

1956, Ramsgate Speed Trials