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Volunteer Stories - Peter Wood

25 April 2020

We are back with another of our Volunteer Stories. This time we have two lovely little snippets from Peter Wood

'I've got 2 stories. I presently work on Concorde on Wednesday. I was lucky to fly on it to Washington in its first year of operation, but more importantly, my close friend, Norman West, was a Senior Flight Engineer Office on Concorde from 1986-2003. Before he passed away he left his Technical Manuel which I now have at home and hope to donate to the museum once we have a proper area for such things. He flew the Queen to Barbados and as the crew had to have security clearance they were forced to stay at the Hilton for the week while Concorde stayed at the airport! He also did the John Player round the world trip. He started with BOAC at the age of 16 and retired with BA at the age of 55, having flown DC7C, Tristar, DC10, VC10 and of course Concorde.'

'My other story is that of my father who in the '20s was an apprentice with Renault Racing which was based off of Victoria Street in London. They used to close off that street so that they could do speed runs! However, they also brought the cars to Brooklands to get their certificate for 100mph and when this occurred my father would ride pillion with the driver around the track.

Photo: Senior Flight Engineer Office, Norman West.