Press Hut in 360

13 July 2020

Have a peek inside the Press Hut in 360. This small office space was built in the 1930s, replacing three of the racing bays. During Brooklands’ heyday, this was one of the busiest areas of the Paddock and the Press Hut would have housed tables and telephones which journalists could use to phone the race results back to Fleet Steet.

Vacated soon after war was declared, its main use during WW2 is unknown, however, its post-war use was as a Parts Store (T221) for the Vickers-Armstrongs Research & Development department.

The building was refurbished by Brooklands Museum with sponsorship from the Daily Mail newspaper and re-opened to the public on 8th June 1993. Since reopening it has been used as an exhibition space, Hair and Make-up parlour and even as a Polling Station.

360 photos by Andy Lambert