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Our Collection

The Brooklands Museum collection contains a large amount of material, from records of the cars that raced on the circuit to technical drawings of the aircraft that were built here. This is all framed by the largest surviving section of the racetrack and supporting buildings, all of which are a testament of what was achieved here. Through our collections we can provide a range of information from basic race synopsis, personality biographies to more in-depth research. 


The library holds our index of Brooklands races and their riders and drivers alongside books, periodicals, and research files.

Technical Archive

Our technical archive contains a wealth of information on the aircraft built at Brooklands and nearby Vickers, BAC, Sopwith, Hawker and BAe.

Please note,  access to the Library and research facilities will be restricted for the foreseeable future, at least until the end of November 2022, whilst building works to the Clubhouse are being carried out.

Research Enquiries

Please contact the team if you have any general historical enquiries about Brooklands or its collections.

If you have an enquiry which you would like our help with, please complete the enquiry form below. Please note, as a registered charity we rely on donations to sustain our collections. We, therefore, suggest a donation of £5-£25 (based on the enquiry) in return for our researchers taking the time to help you with your enquiry. All of the donations will go towards the upkeep of the collections, library and archive for future generations use. To make a research enquiry donation use the link below or click here. Please see our suggested Research Enquiry Charges here

We are only able to deal with enquiries via the online form below and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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When will I receive an answer to my enquiry?

We hope to provide an initial response to your enquiry within 5 working days. However, providing a full answer to research enquiries can take up to 4 weeks dependent on the enquiry.

Can you help with my family research?

We have extremely limited personnel records of the aircraft factory workers and will be unable to help identify individuals or their work at Brooklands.

Can you tell me which car raced in a particular race at Brooklands?

Most of our racing records do not identify the car by chassis or registration number therefore we can never be certain on which car was raced.

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