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Mach 2 Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon Tea, with Champagne on Concorde

Relive the golden age of supersonic flight with Concorde, and the elegant style of afternoon tea on a Mach 2 Tea event. Sip Champagne on Concorde, enjoy Afternoon Tea to the accompaniment of evocative Palm Court music, and chat with a British Airways Concorde Stewardess.

A presentation by your Concorde Stewardess will enlighten you to the romance and glamour associated with Concorde. Hear the gossip, the celebrity stories and experience the fascination with this Supersonic aircraft on this unique premium event.

£90 per person

Pre-booking essential for this event

Hear about a day in the life of Concorde crew...flying ten miles high at twice the speed of sound.


Items Included in the Price

  • Museum Admission
  • Welcome Reception in the Vickers Suite, with tea and coffee.
  • Presentation on Brooklands, its heritage, and Concorde.
  • Champagne served to you on board Concorde.
  • The Concorde Experience Flight on the Brooklands Concorde.
  • Visit to the Flight Deck of Concorde.
  • Afternoon Tea in the Vickers Suite.
  • Presentation by a Concorde Stewardess.
  • Signed Concorde Flight Certificate.