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BTM.TV is a new project for the BTM.

Here we will be featuring videos and sound podcasts of some of our BTM events including our series of Classic Talks and Motoring Legends events.

We will also include some videos of Museum events, particularly those where a high level of members attend.

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Some videos of Brooklands and BTM events popular with Members

Helen Mills - RAF Plotter

Member Helen Mills worked at RAF Hornchurch during WW2 as a WAAF plotter in the control room. At a BTM lunchtime event she reminisced about those days.

Helen Mills

Winter Classic Breakfast Test Hill Runs 2017

Classic Breakfasts are great fun for Members who can bring any classic along to the event - no limitations and you might get to run it up Test Hill as well.

Brooklands Classic Breakfast Autumn 2016

The Members always have a good turnout for these Breakfast Meets and over 40% of the total on this day were BTM. Many of the classics on display also belonged to members.

Brooklands All Stars in 2013 "Stardust"

Our Trad Jazz session for Club Level members in 2013 featured the legendary Chris Barber on Trombone. Mike "Magic" Henry was on trumpet to accompany our regulars.

Interviewing the Interviewer - Simon Taylor with Steve Cropley talking about his "Lunch With..." interviews for Motor Sport magazine which form the basis of a new "Motoring Legends" series of events at Brooklands beginning in 2017.Brooklands Trust Members on Vimeo.

Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show 2011

The BTM Outreach team have made this show their showcase off site event for several years now. This film from 2011 shows what the team does at the event including the arena displays and signing up new members of course!

Brooklands Reunion 2016

The Brooklands Reunion is always a popular event for the Members and the BTM produce a special Reunion Badge for members each year.

Brooklands All Stars "All of Me" Feb 2017

The band play two regular gigs for Club level members and guests each year - this is the Spring session 2017

Brooklands All Stars


Sound recordings of some of our Classic talks and Motoring Legends events

Fly by Wire - John Tye

Former Concorde pilot John Tye spoke about his experience flying the aircraft and other "fly by wire" aircraft for BA


Fly by Wire

Interviewing the Interviewer

Steve Cropley interviewed Simon Taylor in this fascinating look back at the over 120 interviews carried out as part of Simon's "Lunch with...." series for Motorsport magazine.

March 2017

Interviewing the Interviewer