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Aims and Objectives

Here you will find the full aims, objectives and rules of the Brooklands Trust Members


  1. Interpretation
  2. Aims and Objectives
  3. The Rules of Associate Membership
  4. Subscriptions and Benefits
  5. General Meetings
  6. Code of Conduct
  7. Notices
  8. Finance
  9. The Rules
  10. Dissolution

Appendix : Voting Rights


Len Battyll , Hon Secretary 2009

1. Interpretation

1.1 In these Rules the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Brooklands Trust Members” - Such persons as are from time to time admitted to Associate Membership (of whatever class) of the Trust by the Committee;

“BTMC” - Means the Brooklands Trust Associate Members Committee established by the Trustees pursuant to these Rules:

“Rules” - The Rules for Associate Membership of the Trust outlined in clause 3;

“the Trust” - Means the Brooklands Museum Trust Limited (registered charity number 296661 and registered company number 2109945) and the Board of Trustees.

“the Trustees” - The persons who are from time to time the duly appointed members of the Trust;

“ the Secretary” - The person elected by the members to be the Secretary of the Brooklands Trust Members Committee.

1.2 Clause headings do not affect the interpretation of these Rules.

1.3 A person includes a corporate or unincorporated body.

1.4 Words in the singular include the plural and in the plural include the singular where the context so requires.

1.5 A reference to one gender shall be read as reference to the other gender.

2. Aims and Objectives

2.1 To promote interest in and support for the charitable objects of the Trust by:

2.1.1 Assisting in the preservation, restoration, collection, study, display and interpretation for public benefit of the historic site at Brooklands (together with any neighbouring sites which are closely linked to Brooklands), its track, its buildings, its artefacts, archives and documents.

2.1.2 Encouraging the presentation by loan or gift of suitable artefacts to enhance the Trust’s stock of items of historic interest and importance to Brooklands;

2.1.3 Encouraging members to become volunteers in the conservation of cars, motor cycles, aircraft or other forms of transport and other artefacts in the Trust’s collections through the contribution of practical work, knowledge and experience at the Trust’s request;

2.1.4 Research in motoring, aviation and all other allied subjects.

2.2 To raise funds through subscriptions and other activities to support the work of the Trust.

2.3 To perpetuate and make known by means of meetings educational sessions, writing, film, video and other media and activities, interest in and knowledge of the story of Brooklands and to carry forward in all practical ways its traditional activities.

3. The Rules of Associate Membership

3.1 The following classes of Brooklands Trust Members (Associate Members) shall be available to applicants approved by the BTMC:

Honorary Membership

Life Membership - currently suspended pending review

Corporate Membership

Club Level Membership

Family Membership

Couple Membership

Single Membership

Young Membership

Complimentary Membership

3.2 Every application for Associate Membership shall be in writing addressed to the Secretary at the Museum and shall be in such form as the BTMC may determine. The BTMC reserves the right to refuse any class of Brooklands Trust Membership to any person without assigning reasons therefore.

3.3 Every person, on becoming a Brooklands Trust Member (of whatever class) shall thereby be deemed to agree to these Rules and to accept the decisions of the BTMC.

3.4 Any Brooklands Trust Member (of any class) may retire or resign from his or her Membership by written notice to the Secretary at the Museum, but shall not be entitled to any refund of any unexpired portion of their subscription.

3.5 The BTMC may terminate the Brooklands Trust Membership of any person whose subscription has not been received within three months after falling due for payment and may also terminate or suspend without explanation the Membership of any person who in its opinion has contravened these Rules and/or the Code of Conduct set out below or who has brought the name of the Trust into disrepute. Before terminating the Membership of any Member that Brooklands Trust Member shall be given an opportunity to explain their conduct to the BTMC either in writing or in person and may at any hearing have one other Member present with him to act as his best next friend.

3.6 For the avoidance of doubt, entitlement to vote at a General Meeting of the Brooklands Trust Members shall not give any right to attend and vote at any meeting of the Trust. The Trustees shall have no right to attend or vote at General Meetings of the Brooklands Trust Members, except for a maximum of two of the Trustees who are members of the BTMC.

4. Subscriptions and benefits

4.1 The subscription rates for each class of Associate Membership shall be determined annually by the Committee prior to the Annual General Meeting and details thereof shall be included in the Notice of Annual General Meeting issued to Brooklands Trust Members.

4.2 The subscription rates applicable currently are as follows:

Club Level Membership

£95, which includes free entry* to the Museum for the member, a second adult at the same address and three children under 16yrs plus two other guests. Entry by the Campbell gate after 6pm and at weekends and access to the Members Bar and Lounge, when open.

Family Membership

£65 including free entry* to the Museum for two adults at the same address and up to three children under 16.

Couple Membership

£50 including free entry* to the Museum for two adults at the same address

Single Membership

£33 including free entry* to the Museum for the member.

Young Membership

£20 including free entry* to the Museum for a member under the age of 22.

International Membership

£35 to include free entry at Club Level* up to twice a year and an online Bulletin

£45 to include free entry at Club Level* up to twice a year and a posted Bulletin

Corporate Membership

£500 plus VAT which includes admittance at Club membership level of 6 named persons.

Life Membership

Currently suspended pending review

* During normal opening hours, but is subject to payment on days when there are “Premium events” where the entry fee is greater than the usual Museum entry charge

4.3 The Annual Subscription for each class of Brooklands Trust Membership shall be payable in advance. It will become due on the anniversary of joining in each year.

4.4 The Administrator shall maintain an up-to-date Register of Brooklands Trust Members. This may be used by the Trust and the BTMC to distribute information to Members, but may not be made available to any other organisations without the consent of the BTMC.

4.5 The BTMC shall have the power to select individuals to be awarded Honorary Membership. This award is subject to the Agreement of the Museum Director. Honorary Members is at Club level and such members have full voting rights.

4.6 All Trustees and paid Museum staff shall be Complimentary Members at Club level. They will have no voting rights and the membership ceases when they leave.

5. General Meetings

5.1 The BTMC shall not later than 31st July in each year hold a General Meeting as the Annual General Meeting of Brooklands Trust Members in addition to any other General Meeting held in that year and not more than 15 months shall elapse between the date of one Annual General Meeting and that of the next.

5.2 The BTMC may whenever it thinks fit convene a General Meeting and shall on the requisition of not less than ten percent of all the Brooklands Trust Members from time to time having the right to attend and vote at General Meetings convene a General Meeting.

5.3 At least twenty one days’ notice in writing of every General Meeting (exclusive in every case both of the day on which it is served or deemed to have been served and the day for which it is given) specifying the place, the day and hour of meeting and in the case of special business the general nature of that business shall be given in manner hereinafter mentioned to such persons as are entitled to receive such notices from the BTMC.

5.4 The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non receipt of such notice by, any person entitled to receive notice thereof shall not invalidate any resolution passed or proceeding held at any meeting.

5.5 Save as otherwise provided in these Rules, decisions of an Annual General Meeting or any other General Meeting shall be by simple majority vote, in the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman or, in his absence, one of the Vice Chairmen, or such other person as shall have been appointed as Chairman of the meeting shall have a second and casting vote. The conduct of such meetings shall be in the discretion of the Chairman. All persons having a current membership card shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting.

5.6 The BTMC shall consist of a Chairman, two Vice Chairmen, a Secretary, and a Treasurer and up to ten ordinary members with such responsibilities as the BTMC shall determine plus the Museum Director and up to two Trustees.

5.7 Nominations for the BTMC must be proposed by a Brooklands Trust Member and seconded by another Brooklands Trust Member. The nomination, duly signed by the Proposer and the Seconder and the person being nominated, confirming willingness to stand, must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at the Museum not more than 35 days nor less than 7 days before the Annual General Meeting.

5.8 The initial members of the BTMC shall be the Chairman Philip Strickland, the Vice Chairman Robert Hall, and the Vice Chairman Ian MacGregor with the remainder of the BTMC being elected at first General Meeting of the Brooklands Trust Members.

5. General Meetings (Part 2)

5.9 At each subsequent Annual General Meeting one third of the BTMC shall retire or if their number is not three or a multiple of three the number nearest to one third must retire but shall be eligible for re-election. The members of the BTMC retiring by rotation shall be those longest in such office. If more than one third shall have been appointed at the same time, those to retire shall be determined by lot, provided that to ensure continuity only one of the said Philip Strickland, Robert Hall and Ian MacGregor shall be retired by this rule at each of the subsequent three Annual General Meetings.

5.10 The BTMC shall not appoint a new Chairman without having consulted the Trustees and considered the Trust’s responses.

5.11 The BTMC shall have power to fill by co-option any vacancy on the BTMC falling vacant between Annual General Meetings but any member of the BTMC so co opted shall resign at the following Annual general Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.

5.12 A member of the BTMC shall cease to be a member if he or she becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder illness or injury of managing his or her own affairs or is absent without consent from all meetings of the BTMC within a period of six consecutive months and the BTMC resolves that his or her membership of the BTMC shall be vacated.

5.13 The Annual General Meeting shall receive reports from the Chairman and Treasurer, including an income and expenditure account for the last financial year and the balance sheet and a budget for the current financial year. The income and expenditure account and balance sheet and budget shall have been approved by the Committee and by the Trust Financial Controller or other duly appointed Officer of the Trust prior to the Annual General Meeting.

5.14 A quorum for a General Meeting shall consist of 50 Brooklands Trust Members having the right to attend and vote at a General Meeting. No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum is present.

5.15 The Chairman may, with the consent of any meeting at which a quorum is present, (and shall if so directed by the meeting) adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than business which might have been transacted at the meeting from which the adjournment took place. Whenever a meeting is adjourned for 30 days or more, notice of the adjourned meeting shall be given in the same manner as of an original meeting.

5.16 At any General Meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands, unless a poll is before or upon the declaration of the result of the show of hands, demanded by the Chairman of the meeting or by at least ten Brooklands Trust Members present in person or by proxy, and unless a poll be so demanded a declaration by the Chairman of the meeting that a resolution has been carried, or carried unanimously or by a particular majority, or lost, or not carried by a particular majority, and an entry to that effect in the minute book of the Committee shall be conclusive evidence of the fact without proof of the number or proportion of the votes recorded in favour of or against that resolution. The demand for a poll may be withdrawn.

5.17 Subject to the provisions of Article 5.16, if a poll be demanded in the manner aforesaid, it shall be taken at such time and place, and in such manner as the Chairman of the meeting shall direct, and the result of the poll shall be deemed to be the resolution of the meeting at which the poll was demanded.

5.18 No poll shall be demanded on the election of a Chairman of the meeting, or on any question of adjournment.

5.19 The demand for a poll shall not prevent the continuance of a meeting for the transaction of any business other than the item for which the poll has been demanded.

5.20 Votes may be given on a poll either personally or by proxy. The form appointing a proxy (which shall be in the form from time to time required by the BTMC or such other form as may be acceptable to the Committee) shall be deposited with the Secretary or the Administrator not less than 48 hours before the date of any meeting at which the proxy attends and votes. Only the Chairman of the meeting or another Brooklands Trust Member may be appointed a proxy.

5.21 All members shall be entitled to copies of the Minutes of General Meetings. Any member requiring copies of Minutes of BTMC Meetings may obtain these from the Secretary, who may withhold any item of a confidential nature. The edited minutes will be distributed electronically.

6. Code of Conduct

6.1 No Brooklands Trust Member shall publish any notice or other document or make any statement on behalf of or purporting to be on behalf of the BTMC or the Trust without the prior written approval of the BTMC or, as the case may be, the Trust.

6.2 No Brooklands Trust Member shall enter into any agreement or arrangement with any other party which shall bind or purport to bind the BTMC or the Trust or create or purport to create any liability on the part of the BTMC or the Trust.

6.3 No Brooklands Trust Member shall commit any act or make any public statement which would be an offence to the BTMC or the Trust or likely to bring the BTMC or the Trust into disrepute.

6.4 No Brooklands Trust Member shall attempt to acquire or disseminate any information which they know is subject to military or industrial restrictions.

6.5 Any Brooklands Trust Member attending the Museum for duty as a Volunteer shall abide by the conditions and rules laid down by the Trust for Volunteers and come under the jurisdiction of the Museum’s Volunteer Liaison Officer and shall report to the nominated officer before commencing such duty.

6.6 All Brooklands Trust Members with Club Level Membership shall sign the Register on arrival and sign in any guests.

6.7 Save for the entitlement of Club Membership to entertain guests, no Member shall use the facilities of the Committee on behalf of non-members.

6.8 Club Level Membership will entitle the Member to use the Club Lounge during normal opening hours. Such Members and their guests will be expected to wear smart casual dress. Members with Club Membership will be allowed to entertain guests within reason, but should give prior notice to an Officer if these exceed six persons.

6.9 Members with Club Level Membership will be expected to produce their membership card when requested. Children will be allowed to accompany such Members, but will be expected to meet the Code of Conduct and rules for use of the Club facilities.

6.10 Members with Club Level Membership will be responsible for all charges incurred in the entertainment of their guests and shall remain with their guests or ensure that as necessary they are accompanied by a designated Club official whilst in the Club House.

6.11 Members and their guests shall not smoke in any premises belonging to the Trust.

6.12 Members with Club Level Membership shall strictly comply with such additional rules and regulations for the use of Club facilities and their conduct therein as the BTMC shall from time to time publish and display in or on the Club premises.

6.13 No Member with Club Level Membership shall purchase or attempt to purchase any alcoholic drink for any person under the age of 18 years from any bar to which he has access whether situate in the Club Room or otherwise nor supply or provide such alcoholic drink to any such person nor knowingly permit any such person to consume alcoholic drink in any of the facilities managed or administered by the Trust.

7. Notices

7.1 A notice may be served by the BTMC upon any Member either personally or by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter, or by fax, or by email, addressing to such member at his registered postal or email address as appearing in the Register of Brooklands Trust Members.

7.2 Any notice, if served by post shall be deemed to have been served in the United Kingdom on the day following that on which the letter containing the same is put into the post and elsewhere five days following the day of posting. Any notice served by facsimile transmission or by electronic means shall be deemed to have been received when the transmission is completed successfully.

8. Finance

8.1 The Committee and the Trust shall ensure that:

8.1.1 proper books of accounting records and books of account are kept and promptly posted in respect of all financial dealings of the BTMC;

8.1.2 annual statements of account are prepared and agreed with the Trust Financial Controller (or other Officer appointed for that purpose by the Trust) in time for presentation to the Annual General Meeting;

8.1.3 an annual budget is prepared and agreed with the Trust Financial Controller (or other Officer of the Trust appointed for that purpose) each year in time for presentation to the Annual General Meeting.

8.2 The funds of the BTMC, including all subscriptions and donations which are benefiting from Gift Aid and bequests shall be paid to the Trust and applied towards the general expenses of the Trust and such other projects agreed from time to time between the BTMC and the Board.

All other funds (for example money raised from a dinner or other functions) shall be paid into an account in the name of the Trust or Brooklands Limited but designated “BTMC A/C” operated by the BTMC at such bank as the Trust shall from time to time determine. All cheques drawn on such account must be signed by one person designated by the BTMC and the Administrator of the BTMC or if there is no Administrator at the time by two persons designated by the BTMC. All funds received shall be accounted for in the accounts prepared in accordance with paragraph 8.1 and any payments received by the Trust that includes money due to the BTMC A/C shall be forthwith transferred to that account.

8.3 Funds received and held by the BTMC shall be applied in furthering the aims and objects set out in paragraph 2.

9. The Rules

9.1 The Rules and Codes of Conduct from time to time promulgated by the BTMC may be amended by a resolution of the BTMC at any time, but only after twenty one days’ notice of any such amendment shall have been given to all Brooklands Trust Members with a request for written observations thereon. Any written observations received by the Committee prior to the passing of any such resolution shall be duly considered by the BTMC, but the BTMC shall not be bound thereby. Where time is less pressing, changes will be presented at a General Meeting.

10. Dissolution

10.1 The body known as the Brooklands Associate Trust Members may be dissolved by the Trust following a resolution passed at a General Meeting of the Brooklands Trust Members with a two thirds majority provided that all the Brooklands Trust Members have received notice that this resolution will be put to such General Meeting with their notice of such General Meeting.

Appendix: voting rights

Volunteers - The BTMC has no formal involvement with the Volunteers. However, if a volunteer is also paying a BTM membership fee, then that Volunteer will be entitled to the benefits of the level of subscription chosen and have the voting rights attached to the same.

Complimentary Members - All paid staff is classed as Complimentary Members of the BTM at Club level while they are in the employment of the Museum. Such members have no voting rights at any General Meeting. However, if a staff member pays a BTM subscription, that member will be entitled to the voting rights attached to the level of membership selected.

Honorary Members - When a member is elected to the Honorary category he/she will be entitled to Club level membership for him/herself alone. He/she may also take guests into the Museum and Club bar as described in the AORs for Club level members. The Honorary member will also have full voting rights.

Trustees - All Trustees have similar rights to the paid staff as Complimentary Members. However, only two nominated Trustees have voting rights at General Meetings or on the BTMC, regardless of any subscriptions that may have paid.

All other categories are as described in the AORs