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Shelsley Walsh Touring Hill Climb

  • Date September 28, 2021
  • Time 8:00am - 4:30pm
  • Suitable for Everyone

Situated in the most scenic of locations this Hill Climb is the oldest in the UK, and the first purpose built motor-sport venue in history. Motorsport events have been staged continually (apart from wartime) since 1905 on the original course. The course length is now 1000 yards, slightly longer than originally.

Amongst other racing notables, Raymond Mays perfected his ERA
racing cars at Shelsley in the 1930’s and his later BRM’s featured at

Shelsley Walsh is a notably steep course by the standards of today's
hill climbs, rising 328 feet (100m) during its length, for an average gradient of 1 in 9.14 (10.9%), with the steepest section being as much as 1 in 6.24 (16%). It is also narrow, no more than 12 feet (3.66 m) wide at some points.

We had a really enjoyable day here last September, with fantastic weather – one of the few events that actually managed to go ahead – the Hill has been rebooked for our sole use this year for a maximum of 6 runs per registration, weather permitting.

Until numbers are known, the days timings cannot be given but, like last year, its expected to start at around 08:00 with a drivers/riders briefing and a bacon or sausage buttie. Weather and time permitting, each vehicle will have up to 6 touring runs during the day. You can take your time making the ascent, there is no credit for causing delays so other Members miss their runs! There will be a break for a light lunch (e.g. lasagne & apple crumble) before the afternoon session.

The day is expected to end around 16:30, but you can leave whenever you like.

There is a maximum of 40 vehicles for this event and already a number of Members reserved places, so send your registrations in to secure a place!



£135  1 car/1 driver

£180 1 car/2 drivers


Non Members

£150 1 car/1 driver

£190 1 car/2 drivers


Passengers £40 Spectators £50pp

Registration for the Hill Climb

To register for the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb simply download the registration form, fill it in and send it back to Angela.

Your car or motor-bike must be road legal and the driver(s) have the appropriate driving licence. A competition licence is NOT required. Helmets (other than for motorcycles) are not compulsory, but advised for open top cars. Noise levels are not an issue as Midland Automobile Club (MAC) advise that road legal vehicles should not have problem.

A second driver is permitted but, unless the full registration fee (£135 Members) is paid for each driver, the vehicle's 6 runs will be shared. The increased cost for 2nd driver includes refreshments. Passengers are permitted in cars.

Your booking includes:

6 hill ascents (per car), breakfast buttie, tea/coffee, Lunch, Afternoon tea/coffee. Private catering as there is no café. Passenger & Spectator price includes all refreshments.


Email: Angela.humeuk@gmail.com Phone: 07884 184882