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BM.tv ZoomCasts were born out of necessity during the Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020. The Museum was closed and the Members talks programme shut down along with it. BM.tv then came up with the idea of chatting to former presenters of our talks and others via the media of Zoom. These were recorded and edited with images inserted to present as a ZoomCast for Members during the lockdown period. 

The ZoomCasts have now grown into presenting live streams as the chats are recorded and they have also allowed the Members to reach further afield to personalities as far away as Thailand and California.

The stockpile of ZoomCasts is continually growing and you can find them on the BM.tv Vimeo channel or click on the links on this page.

As a spin-off from these the team have also recorded a series featuring "An Artist's View of Brooklands" and a series of stand-alone presentations by speakers.

The ZoomCasts are produced by Mark Jarman and Tim Morris.

The presenter is mainly Steve Clarke.

Editing and additional images by Mark Jarman with Tim Morris for some videos.

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Click Here for "An Artist's view of Brooklands"


Click here for presentations

Title Interviewee Link Comments
100 Years of Air Traffic Control Phil Holt https://vimeo.com/408936031 Regular speaker Phil Holt was an air traffic controller in a previous life and talks us through the history of ATC as well as commenting on how COVID restricitons have affected air travel
Life and Ponchos Steve Parrish https://vimeo.com/413004057 The irrepressible Steve Parrish talks to us from home in rural Cambridgeshire about Life in lockdown, Ponchos, Plummet Airways and more.
Autocar in Lockdown Steve Cropley https://vimeo.com/410519796 Editor in Chief of Autocar magazine talks about publishing under lockdown and how the magazine industry is coping.
Aviatrix Tracey Curtis-Taylor https://vimeo.com/412203846 Aviatrix Tracey Curtis-Taylor last spoke to us around three years ago - we catch up on just what she has been up to in that time.
Sir Stirling Moss Simon Taylor https://vimeo.com/414413084 Simon Taylor was a personal friend of Stirling Moss for over 50 years and was the author of his biography "My Racing Life"  - he recollects his own memories of a great racing driver and man.
Formula E Sam Bird https://vimeo.com/422085440 We caught up with Formula E racing driver Sam Bird to find out how Coronavirus has effected this year's season and what are the hopes for the future of electric car racing.
High Performance Peter Grimsdale https://vimeo.com/421419520 We talk to author Peter Grimsdale about his book "High Performance" - a look at the garagistas of the 50s and 60s
Shadow Pete Lyons https://vimeo.com/433352382 Author Pete Lyons talks us to us from California about his book on the Shadow racing team.
The Napier-Railton Allan Winn https://vimeo.com/426672860 Former Brooklands Museum CEO Allan Winn is one of the lucky few who can drive John Cobb's mighty Napier-Railton - he talks abut the car and that unique experience here.
Take Risk! Richard Noble https://vimeo.com/436778396 Former World Land Speed Record holder Richard Noble, a man used to taking risks, talks about his latest book and how the country should learn how to take risk itself to succeed.
Niki Lauda Maurice Hamilton https://vimeo.com/437537652 Author Maurice Hamilton talks about his latest book looking at the remarkable career of F1's Niki Lauda.
Jochen Rindt David Tremayne https://vimeo.com/439183979 Author David Tremayne has published a new book on Jochen Rindt called the uncrowned King. 
Wellington Units of Bomber Command Michael Napier https://vimeo.com/443294267

Michael Napier joins us for our first live ZoomCast about his newly published book on the Wellington bomber. (This is an edited version). 

Formula 1 Car by Car  Peter Higham


Peter Higham writes about Formula 1 cars from 1950 to 1959 in his latest book for EVRO Publishing's Decade by Decade series.
RAF In Flight Refuelling Alex Pickering https://vimeo.com/445775760 Alex Pickering was the chief pilot of the team of RAF Victor's that refuelled the Harrier during the 1969 Transatlantic Air Race. He talks about that race and his experiences with air to air refuelling - you can see the actual Harrier at Brooklands Museum.