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Spinning Wheels

Brooklands Members have a wide interest in classic cars, motorbikes and aeroplanes.

Spinning Wheels is a new series of short films about Members and their classic vehicles which is filmed on an ongoing basis.

The idea is to ask the owner to talk about their vehicle at Brooklands. You can see the pilot episode here which features Members administrator Tim Morris and his MGF to give you some idea of what it is all about.

Would you like to take part?

Filming takes place usually on Wednesday mornings at Brooklands and will usually take a couple of hours.

If you are a member and would like to take part then please contact Tim in the Members office either by phone 01932 857381 ext 226 or email to timmorris@brooklandsmuseum.com with some details about yourself and your vehicle.

We will also be in attendance at some Museum events filming short vox pops with owners and drivers of vehicles as part of a wider picture of the show itself. You can see those films in the bottom section of this page.

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Spinning Wheels 1.jpg

Inspiration: 1961 Chrysler

1961 Chrysler Imperial Crown heads to Brooklands.....providing the inspiration for the Spinning Wheels series

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Pilot Episode: 2000 MGF

BTM administrator Tim Morris shows us around the MGF he has owned since new in 2000

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Ep 1: 1924 Trojan

This Trojan Utility from 1924 belongs to Roger Armstrong and is the first in the new Spinning Wheels series of Members and their cars/bikes.

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Ep 4: 1966 Ford Mustang

Nic Moore's beautiful 1966 Ford Mustang is the subject of Episode four - this icon of Americana has been meticulously restored to its current condition.

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Ep 7: 1939 Velocette MOV

John Bottomley tells the story of the 1939 Velocette replica motor cycle that he built himself

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Ep 10: 1937 Frazer Nash BMW 326

Mike Dawes talks us through the early history of BMW and the relationship with Frazer Nash and Bristol Cars - as well as showing us his own splendid example of the 326 in this special extended Spinning Wheels episode.

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Ep 2: 1972 Datsun 240Z

Simon Jarman's Datsun 240Z is a prime example of 1970s powerful sportscar

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Ep 5: 2006 Range Rover

John Sutherland's Overfinch Holland & Holland Special Range Rover has a unique history having originally been commissioned by the owner of the Range Rover converters Overfinch himself

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Ep 8: 1972 Yamaha TR3

John Bottomley talks us through the second of the motorbikes that he has built himself

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Ep 11: 1958 MGA Twin Cam

Bob Zanetti brought in his lovely Ash Green MGA Twin Cam for us to admire in March 2019. He talks us through the history of the MGA and of this particular car itself.

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Ep 3: 1967 Datsun Fairlady

This very British looking roadster is actually a Datsun. Paul Tickner has raced in many different classes of motorsport but has now moved on to this rare classic roadster, an interesting choice.

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E Type.jpg

Ep 6: 1968 Jaguar E-Type

A delightful family story of an E-Type owned by father and son. Martyn Gibbons meticulously restored the car in 2012 and took his father to Brooklands in it for its first outing.

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Ep 9: Morris Minor with a secret

Malcolm Longstaff's 1953 Morris Minor has a rather large secret under the bonnet, but that's not all as you'll find out in this episode.

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This section features programmes about events held at Brooklands and interviews with owners of cars taking part. Each tells a short story of their vehicle at the hands of our intrepid interviewer.


Members Classic Car Show & Jumble 2019

There were plenty of great classics at the 2019 event and we showcased some selcted vehicles inside the Paddock. Here are those interviews collected together.

Paddock Interviews


Supercar Sunday

There was a mix of supercars at this event in 2019 - including some which may not have quite fitted the category! We seem to have caught up with more of those than the Ferrari or Lamborghini owners! However you can see the vox pop interviews here.

Supercar Sunday

family fun - test hill MG.jpg

MG Era 2019

The annual gathering of MGs is a popular fixture in the Museum calendar and this year was no exception. You can see interviews with some of the drivers bringing their MGs to the 2019 show here.

MG Era


The Brooklands Reunion

A look at some of the cars and drivers taking part in the 2018 "Reunion" Event. This event is aimed at pre-war cars and particularly those that actually raced at Brooklands. It is derived from the former Brooklands Society "Reunion" events which were held on a regular basis before the Museum came into being until the Society closed.



Showcase Interviews at the Brooklands Classic Car Show 2018

The BTM.tv crew interviewed selected drivers at the 2018 show in a special arena in front of the Aircraft Factory. This video shows some of those selected.

The second video shows classic cars arriving for the show.

Showcase Interviews

Classic Arrivals


Double Twelve 2018

The BTM.tv were out over the Double Twelve weekend grabbing some quick interviews with drivers as they waited to take part in the Sprint and autotests.

Double Twelve Day One

Double Twelve Day Two


Flying Scotsman Rally

This endurance rally began at Brooklands in April 2018 with a driving test before heading off in a northerly direction. Our BTM.tv crew caught up with several of the drivers before they set off - some great cars - Bentleys, Astons etc.

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British Marques Day 2018

BTM.tv was out in the cold and damp at the 2018 British Marques Day at Brooklands chatting to some of the drivers who brought their classics along to this inaugural show. The programme features over 15 cars and their drivers talking about their vehicles including a Hillman Super Minx (pictured), Ginetta, Marina Coupe Mumford convertible, Ford Mondeo, Reliant Rialto, Austin 7s amongst others.

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MG Era 2018

It was a very wet day for our Spinning Wheels BTM.tv team so this is a short foray to some of the owners who did brave the poor weather!

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