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All Our Yesterdays

We take a nostalgic look back at the early days of Brooklands Museum and the Brooklands Society. The days when there were fly-ins and annual motoring events amongst the Vickers/BAC/BAes buildings....or maybe earlier.

We need your help as we want to raid the personal archives of the Members - if you have movie footage or photos of those early days please get in touch and we may be able to make an archive film with your material.

Contact the BTM office if you can help - timmorris@brooklandsmuseum.com

We have a pilot episode here taken from the archive of Steve Clarke on a family visit to a couple of fly-ins in 1989 and 1992. It is a fascinating look back to a period that hasn't had much documentation and be sure to look in the background to see what Brooklands was like at the end of the manufacturing days and the beginning of redevelopment.

We'll also be selecting other films of the early days of the museum or even pre-museum such as the 1976 Magpie Special which gives a great view into all our yesterday's at Brooklands.

Andy Lambert's Brooklands Archive

Honorary Member Andy Lambert has been documenting Museum life at Brooklands since 1985. His extensive library of films can be found at the links below which include salvage, many of the aircraft arriving (both by road and air), Concorde, restorations, drone footage of the Track and events and a look inside the tunnel

They are highly recommended for anyone interested in the early days of the Museum.

Pre 2000 Videos

Post 2000 Videos


The Clarke Family videos of fly-ins in 1989 and 1992 just as the Museum was taking shape and British Aerospace had moved out. The site was beginning to be redeveloped and you can see some of the large new warehouses in the background as well as the Museum site itself.

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Vickers Aviation 1907 to 1957

This Archive Vickers film celebrates 50 years of Aviation at Brooklands and features the unveiling of the Brooklands memorial.

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Reunion 1991.jpg

Part of the All Our Yesterdays Series. Originally filmed in 1991 by Dave Pryce with a new edit by BM.tv.

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The children's tv programme Magpie produced a 'special' in 1976 on the history of Brooklands. A fascinating insight into the location and its history as seen during that period.

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The first Brooklands Museum marketing film made by Wheelbase productions and released in 1991.

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A film made in September 1988 about a meeting at Brooklands celebrating motor cycle racing at Brooklands from 1907 to 1939.

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