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The Brooklands Bulletin is a full size magazine that is sent to all Brooklands Members to keep them informed of what is happening at the Museum and within the Brooklands Members organisation.

The magazine features articles from Members and others on Brooklands related subjects. The Members also send a monthly e-letter as a supplement to the BUlletin that contains up to date event news and reviews to keep Members as informed as possible. The magazine has entered the digital age and is now archived on two websites - Yudu and Issuu.

The Bulletin, however, has a lengthy past and is just the latest in a long line of Brooklands magazines, published for both Brooklands members and visitors, that go all the way back to those halcyon racing days of the 1920s and 30s. You can trace the journey to the Brooklands Bulletin on this page and explore the Bulletin archive online by clicking the yellow button.

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The Sources of the Brooklands Bulletin

Brooklands Gazette

The title originated in 1924 as a magazine devoted entirely to Motor car and motor cycle racing, not just at Brooklands - initially edited by H. SCOTT HALL, M.I.A.E.. The magazine was the forerunner of the current Motorsport magazine and the title is still owned by them.

Brooklands Aerodrome Magazine

The first issue was in mid-October 1932 and it lasted for four issues until Feb 1933. Originally published by the aerodrome arm of Brooklands it was quickly adopted by the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club and thus morphed into the official magazine of the BARC, Brooklands Aero Club, Brooklands School of Flying, College of Aeronautical Flying and the Cinque Ports Flying Club. A prize of five guineas was offered to design a new cover showing the air and trackside and the magazine was originally to be called just "Brooklands". However, it became......

Brooklands Track & Air

This magazine succeded Brooklands Aerodrome Magazine after just four issues so that the first issue of the newly titled Brooklands Track and Air began at Volume 1 Issue 5 in March 1933. It lasted for three volumes and was produced by Capt. O.V. Holmes, the magazine covered activities at the track both on the ground and in the air.


It gets slightly complicated here as the MG Car Club enter the story. They had their own magazine entitled the "MaGazine", which had been published since 1933 with Alan Hess as the editor. He was head-hunted by the British Racing Drivers Club in 1935 to edit their new magazine called "Speed". "Speed" was a successor of the Brooklands Aerodrome Magazine and Brooklands Track and Air.

The magazine had a wider remit than just Brooklands, although Brooklands and motor racing related articles were the mainstays. It also featured other aspects of speed including railways and aircraft.

The Sports Car (incorporating Brooklands Track and Air)

Cecil Kimber then, in turn, head-hunted the editorial team of Speed back to MG shortly after and then changed the name to The Sports Car incorporating Brooklands Track and Air. The editor was FLM Harris and one of the team was Bill Boddy, who was closely associated with the saving of Brooklands in later years as a founder of the Brooklands Society. The Sports Car, as a title, ended in 1939 at the outbreak of war.

The title today is still owned by the MG Car Club and is incorporated into their current club magazine "Safety Fast" along with Brooklands Track and Air and the MG MaGazine.

Brooklands Society Gazette

The Brooklands Society was an independent organisation formed in the 1960s and dedicated to the preservation of pre-war racing at Brooklands. Their magazine, the Brooklands Society Gazette, featured many excellent articles on historic Brooklands motoring. The magazine was published from 1975 until 2013. The last editor, Chris Bass, went on to be the editor of the newly restyled Brooklands Bulletin.

The Association of Friends Newsletter

The Association of Friends' first newsletter was published in September 1987, three months after the formation of the Museum Trust, although the first official meeting of the Friends would not be until Spring 1988 (despite a Christmas gathering of founder-members in December 1987). Initially, an A4 8 page silk finish b/w newsletter with photos it was reduced by issue 10 in January 1990 to a simple 4-page A5 photocopied leaflet. It remained in this format until May 1992. It was superseded by The Spirit in 1994.

The Track Record

The Brooklands Club was a support group for the Museum with access to the Members' Bar, snooker room and restaurant for its members. It published a regular A4 monochrome newsletter called "The Track Record" in the mid 90's.

The Spirit

The Brooklands "Friends" organisation published a regular newsletter from its inception in 1987 and developed it into a full colour A4 magazine sponsored by the Ford Motor Company. It was called the "Spirit" which was published twice a year from 1994 until 2003. "The Spirit" title is now incorporated into the current Brooklands Bulletin.

The Brooklands Bulletin

Following the closure of the Spirit magazine, which became unaffordable after the withdrawal of sponsorship, the Friends returned to a simple newsletter format called the Brooklands Bulletin, initially in monochrome A4, and then in a 16 page A5 green & cream monochrome booklet format published six times a year.

Following the amalgamation of the Brooklands Club and the Friends group towards the end of 2008 a new magazine was created which continued under the banner of the Brooklands Bulletin, initially in the same monochrome booklet style but with more pages and articles.

In December 2009 the first edition of the new style all colour 42 page A5 Brooklands Bulletin was published. It was edited by Chris Bass (who was still the editor of the Brooklands Society Gazette) and Diane Willows. It was published by the BTM Vice Chairman Robert Hall.

By 2015 the magazine had grown to a 70 page magazine with many features on Brooklands related subjects as well as all the news and views from the Museum. The aim of the Brooklands Bulletin is to keep Members better informed and to give those who, perhaps, can't visit as often a chance to keep in touch and feel involved in the Museum and its activities. The printed Bulletin is now supported by an online e-letter once a month and this website which give all the latest information relating to the Members and the Museum and includes an online archive of Bulletins from 2013.

From the Sep/ Oct 2019 edition a dramatic change was made to an A4 size magazine. The editorial team changed with one editor, Alisdair Suttie, and the magazine style and production handed to an independent company, Hine Marketing. The change coincided with a name change for the BTM to the simplified Brooklands Members along with a re-branding exercise for the Museum itself. There is some serendipity with this change as the publishing company Hine Marketing also produce the MG Car Club's magazine "Safety Fast" harking back to those pre-war days of Brooklands magazines.



We aim to publish several articles in each edition supported by photographs on subjects with connections to Brooklands. We look at the personalities that made Brooklands tick, the cars, the motor bikes, the aircraft, the bicycles.... in fact anything that is Brooklands related.

Ideas for future articles or submissions can be made to the editor, Alisdair Suttie, at brooklandsbulletineditor@gmail.com


We publish all the latest Museum news and updates along with reviews of events and what is happening concerning the Membership.

Items for inclusion can be sent to the editor at the above address for the editor or via the BTM office members@brooklandsmuseum.com


Each edition features advertisements from leading companies with an interest in heritage, lifestyle and Brooklands. Our regular advertisers include Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, ExxonMobil, Mercedes Benz, JTI, BAE Systems, Moss-Europe, Hagerty insurance, Motorsport magazine, Vintage Sports Car Club, Techno Classica Essen, Formhalls Vintage & Racing plus many more.

Advertising in the bulletin is handled by Hine Marketing. Please contact them if you would like your company to reach around 6500 households plus local businesses all with an enthusiastic interest in Motoring, Aviation and the history or Brooklands.

Nick Hine : nick@hinemarketing.co.uk

Brooklands Plus.....

The Members arrange a number of special events each year for Members including classic talks, road trips, visits to other Museums/ places of interest, European car tours, dinners, lunches, talks, Motoring legends events and more.

You can read all about those member specific events in the pages of the Brooklands Bulletin.